this is currently a place for me to store various personal web-based projects i have finished or am working on. oh and my resume is here, too.

please don't count on any of these projects working in internet explorer. i use firefox to test everything.

resume:'s my resume.
sleep: a small proof of concept with one button that will be enabled on your turn. when you click the button, it will move to the next person's turn. everyone viewing the page will get a turn, and then it will come back to you. (of course, if no one else is viewing the page, it will come back to you immediately.) this project works mostly, but it's still buggy. at this point, i don't know if/when i'll work out the kinks. it currently doesn't work in ie, and i may never make it work in ie. it works in ff7+ and chrome.
nerf assassins: a website meant to make moderating the assassin game easier.
online d&d: d&d is a bit of a hobby for me. unfortunately, the group of the people i like to play with has spread out. i know other people have done this, but i still like putting the code together. it's good practice.
homebrew webserver: well ... i had one running, but i had it running on my old laptop that i stopped using for school 'cause i got a new, better one. now, after 9 long years, the harddrive on my old one died. (i think it's actually been dead for a couple months, and the os and lamp stack were just loaded into memory and still running ... (: which might be a little too satisfying.) in any case, it's down now and will be until i get around to either replacing the drive (possibly with a usb flash drive, just for fun?) or running a lamp stack on the computer i built a few months ago (which is already running linux...)
eternal beta ( ? ):
photojournal: just that. .jpegs with titles and comments. 'cause i was in europe & i can.