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  welcome to a simple, online d&d interface. use the links on the left to navigate.

  a note to ie users: you're using the internet wrong. get firefox or chrome. the svg used on the battle grid here (which is really the only reason to use this site right now) doesn't work in ie and probly never will. because i don't like ie. (i'm also a little behind in making sure this works in chrome.)

  a note to everyone else: this site is in beta. i feel like it's usable enough to call beta (& i plan on using it in the (relatively) near future), but not all the pieces are in place, and i expect to find bugs.
  also, when registering, note that your username can be different from any of your character names. (you'll be able to create characters and name them differently from each other and your account once you've created an account and signed in.)

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