James Heinrich Hoza
cell: 541-952-2379
4131 Brooklyn Ave NE unit 207
Seattle, WA 98105
To develop software using whatever platforms, languages or tools best solve the problem at hand. To use strong knowledge of computer science for project development in a good work environment, and learn more along the way. Challenging projects would not pose a problem for me.
Skill Set
Languages:   C#, C++ (including templates), Java, PHP, Coldfusion,
ASP, VB6, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, XML
IDEs: Visual Studio 2010 - 2015, Eclipse, Notepad++
Environments:   Windows (XP, 7, 10), Linux (PCLinuxOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo)
Build Environment: CruiseControl and Jenkins (a little); helped manage a build server
Version Control: TortoiseSVN/Subversive + Subversion (very familiar), Git (very familiar) TFS (learning)
Virtual Machines: VMware Workstation, VMware Converter
Work Experience
VoiceBox Technologies (9/13 - 1/17): First, worked on a team of 6 developers managing the structure of XML using an internal tool and some C#. Coordinated with testers to make sure the XML was set up the way it should be. Worked on developing the tool itself (in C#) where it couldn't support things the team needed to do. Second, added to the company's engine code (in C++). Third, automated some (maybe a third?) of the first job by adding a library to the tool (in C#). Worked partially on site and partially from home.
Trace Register (7/11 - 3/12): Worked on a team of 4 developers on a web application. Wrote some functionality in PHP, ColdFusion and JavaScript. Helped migrate the application over to Java-based system that used Hibernate. Helped write JUnit tests. Used TortoiseSVN and Subversion for all the code I wrote. Worked on site with scheduled hours.
Engineered Software, Inc. (1/09 - 4/11): Worked on a team of 7 developers, 3 testers and a development manager; project management done by lead developers. Developed two different projects in C++. Was the only developer actively working on the first project I was hired on for, called P-library ("Pump Library"); that project was the only program capable of creating files used by the company's main product line. P-Library was about 10000 lines of code. Was responsible for overhauling P-Library and maintaining that project on the build server. Overhaul included debugging, enhancements, refactoring and preparing the project for customer use. Maintaining P-Library on the build server involved refactoring the build-script to work with Visual Studio 2010 and changes to the underlying libraries. Also worked on a team of 4 developers on a product called "Pipe-Flo". Responsibilities included the development of UI elements and documentation. Specs for the project came from the fluid dynamics engineering department. Used TortoiseSVN and Subversion for all the code I wrote. Worked on-site with scheduled hours. [Engineered Software sells engineering and pump analysis software to pump manufacturers. It also has a fluid dynamics engineering department that provides technical support.]
St. Martin's University (2/09 - 12/09): Tutored Computer Science and Mathematics at St. Martin's University. Worked on-site with scheduled hours.
Generation Y Company Website (1/06 - 4/06): Worked for GenY developing a subproject in Ruby and HTML with CSS with tasks and reviews given by the project manager. Worked on-site with scheduled hours. [Generation Y works to bring computers and computer literacy to middle schools.]
I-ICAN Web Application (1/04 - 6/04): Joined a team effort to produce a website for I-ICAN (International Interactive Community Access Network). My responsibilities included development using PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. Host environment was a linux-based system. Worked independently on project plan tasks; worked to deadlines, with reviews at project status meetings. Sought clarification and explained difficulties via email/IM with project manager and others. [I-ICAN was a company whose mission was to use technology to increase academic achievement.]
Formal Education
currently working on a Master of Science in Computational Linguistics at the University of Washington

received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from St. Martin's University (GPA 3.83)
received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from St. Martin's University (GPA 3.18)
  (Overall GPA 3.37)
Outside Projects
2011 (Fall) Sleep: wrote a simple proof of concept webpage that uses ajax and php to keep track of people's turns clicking a button. when the button is clicked, a request is put in to http://heinrich.hoza.us/sleep/tick.php, which doesn't return until everyone else viewing index.php has pushed the button. (If only one person is viewing index.php (or if you put in a GET request or a POST request without the right POST data), tick.php will return almost immediately. Side note: you can simulate two or more people viewing index.php by using two or more browsers, in which case, the 'turn' will cycle through the different browsers. Side note: this may or may not work in IE.)
2008 (Spring) Wrote a game in a group of three for the senior project required at St. Martin's. The game was a 2D side scroller with graphics, physics, and music engines all integrated together. I worked on integrating the physics and creating basic enemy AI.
2007 Wrote a site that automates a lot of the process for moderating a game played with nerf guns in which each player tries to "assassinate" a target player. Site supports multiple games and two modes of play and uses a database to track data.
Moderator View  If you'd like to look at this view, please send me an email. Once you've done so, username "preview" and password "sample" will log into a sample game.
Player view  You can see the game from the point of view of a logged in player by logging into the Moderator view and retrieving a player name and password or by creating a new player and using that player's name and password. The username for a player is the player's first name followed by a space followed by the player's last name.
2005 Wrote a front end for an email server in PHP, which is similar to Hotmail or Yahoo! mail.
2004 Developed 3D graphics in OpenGL - basic exploration of graphics programming. Wrote a 3D planetary system with moons; wrote various graphing routines for calculus/analytical geometry. Used Visual Basic 6 with OpenGL DLL.
Community Service